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chupiwa's Journal

State Of Love And Trust....
7 September
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umm....lemme see..

i am a young Latino male who digs indie rock and artistic endeavors. Writing has been a fun pastime lately i even wish i could earn a living from it at times. Lately i am not sure what the future holds so i thought i might go see some of the world. after all...things in America haven't been working out for the last year or so. i decided being a social worker for the state was not for me.

Much of my time stateside is spent being passionate about music and traveling to see live shows even though i can't play a simple guitar lick very well. Music journalism can be a drag too. Seriously. i should have my own music column somewhere....

...i was living in South Korea for a year as a kindergarten teacher. already signed the contract for the job until June 2005. Figured i would use my earnings as start-up money for my own indie label.

** i moved to Auburn, ME which is near Portland. i am hibernating and saving money while i apply to see if i can go to Japan next July.

until then ...who knows?

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