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An old scarf...

i am not alone in Kyoto.

its raining hailstones as flakes...


friends from far away give me warmth like an old affectionate scarf. i just cannot see the threads laid bare are the ties that bind.

i often miss people not places.

and i should gone to New Zealand earlier in life. Mick & Kellie Ann are sorely missed.

Rebecca and Katsumi are but exalted queens among my female friends and i can only value them so much more these days.. i miss them as much i miss being in Brooklyn..and the city lights that blanket me with that knowing sense of deep, rich nostalgia....


so many French people i have met on this trip, as well as Aussies...i really need to travel more outside of Japan.

i wander around Kyoto quite like a gaijin ghost...unsure of himself but feeling the zeitgeist of the time...

the spirit of adventure..and child-like wonder of seeing new and strange places..

how often we become cynical and jaded when life gets in the way of our plans..we forget to step back, breathe in deeply..and explore new countries..

for i am an island
of a

and i often
what i truly
want to say

who i

and not
what others
tell me

for people
are strange

never meant
to be tamed just

i have had to write a whole
new map
of the human heart
this year.

so believe in

as i believe
in you....

i can only go forward from here
in an exquisite way

a deep, meaningful journey
inside of myself

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