State Of Love And Trust.... (chupiwa) wrote,
State Of Love And Trust....

que dolor....

mi amor está en los tiempos del cólera ... este dolor es insoportable .. quien sabía que todavía podría perjudicar tanto ...


How can you sleep?
How can you sleep through this?
What are your thoughts as you turn to dream?
I wouldn't know
I never look
These things are hard
These things can hurt

All of the secrets
Nobody needs to know
How does it feel?
Falling asleep so hard
How could ask?
How could I say the things I need to?
You'd go away

Memory must fill you with love
Positive days
Positive years
Older than lonely
Older than old
There's only minutes, minutes to go
You have to feel this
You have to cry
I can go on
I can deny
This stuff, it hurts
Always it will
Now I can ask
Now I can say
The things I need to
You've gone away

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