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"I will disappear and join the Street Parade...."

Things in life lately remind me of this random story i read once but i don't remember all of it, so i freely interpreted it in my own personal way

so this is a story....

....where a husband is having trouble relating to his wife. She seeks understanding and advice from a close friend who happens to be a older, blind man to whom the husband has no acquaintance with. There is no speculation of adultery, the blind man is more of a big brother or a father figure to her. In his vulnerability and curiosity, the husband seeks to understand this unique friendship in the hope it will give him answers to save his marriage.

Yet, her close friend lives so far away. She misses him dearly and corresponds by mailing out weekly audio tapes of recorded conversation since he is blind. This creates a dialogue between them. He records his response and they keep this exchange of ideas going through the postal service for quite some time. The husband listens intently to each conversation from across the room, while his wife is playing the friend's messages in her outdated tape recorder. She drinks her Irish coffee and sighs while smoking her cheap cigarettes.

In her loneliness, the troubled wife invites her blind friend for a brief visit to her home. The husband is in clear anticipation to meet this blind man who has befriended his wife. There is no malice in his heart, only a void of not knowing where the next day will take him being married to someone who is so cold to his affections.

Upon the blind man's arrival to the home, the wife decides to buy some things to prepare a homemade dinner for the three of them. She promptly asks the husband to keep her friend company while she goes to the market. The husband sits down in the den with him, not saying much in a few span of minutes except to offer him a drink. An awkward silence hangs in the air between them for quite some time. Just exactly what is he is supposed to talk about with his guest is unclear to him.

The blind man quietly takes out a small pouch and begins to roll a marijuana cigarette. He promptly offers it to the husband and rolls one for himself. They begin to smoke in silence. The air is soon filled with simple laughter devoid of suspicion....

....ummmm that's about all i remember, i extrapolated a little bit here and there of course. Yet, the story is mostly intact. Whether the husbands understands his wife finally is not known. He has, however, made a new friend in the blind man and that makes the story important i guess. The blind man is clearly friendly despite his ailment. He also harbors a lack of bitterness despite his station in life. He also "sees" things as they are with a different pair of "eyes". Things like life, sexuality, love, happiness, people, situations, and music. Maybe the husband was the one who was truly blind and that's why he could not be intimate with his wife. She grew apart from him, but she remained faithful anyway. Perhaps she really did love him through her sadness and gained insight from the wisdom of the blind man. They were a childless couple and the wife not communicating with him or being affectionate was probably a direct factor. She would not want a child with someone she does not relate with.

....i guess i feel like the husband in this story sometimes....
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