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Let's... Drive out of this town With your windows down..In your beat-up car We"ll take what's ours..

Man I got to get outta this town,

i..just need... to get her out of my head.

Windows down
but now the door is closed to her room...

i remember when she would climb into my bed at night
necks caressed amid Bangkok moonlight

Rainstorm come soon and the memories are gone.... tears in rain...

so now i have to take risks
and my own will comes to a test

the Clash said it best when
Career opportunities are the ones
that never knock

..But once i leave this town called


I won't be back..

i'll burn our clothes and our photographs..

They won't find us out

and our torn love

amongst the ruins

I haul along my battered

beat-up suitcase...

oh..ohhh...get me out

and Along the way I'll let the radio play...

and so then this is what its like

When you run away...oh..ohhh...

I won't stop ...until I find it...

The Other side Of paradise


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