State Of Love And Trust.... (chupiwa) wrote,
State Of Love And Trust....

Ramblings pt. II

i was lovelorn and lost in Egyptland wandering about in a desert cloud too thick for the senses. Pharaoh sent up an impossible sandstorm to bring about confusion in my heart and brain.

I climbed dune after dune rejecting any idea of rescue.

That somehow a pillar of fire was even there…was simply inconceivable.

I could not see it. Yet, I began to falter as I always do.

The world has changed and I had not been accustomed to such things.

For I was too occupied living in the past trying to find a back door of sorts to feel something lost oh so long ago…

I kept fighting the future because Eliminator, Jr. said so,
talking in circles with a logic
that pierced my reasoning as a whole….

Double rainbow appeared in the afternoon sky
amid kickball pick-up games
and ice cream trucks.

It was a covenant of sorts,
but maybe not for me.
For someone else I reckon….
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