State Of Love And Trust.... (chupiwa) wrote,
State Of Love And Trust....

"people are strange, when you a stranger..."

is it strange? ... feeling that family members are


or that i long for

a rare


of us meeting together

for non-superficial things....

too many times

its tragedy that brings

us together

but it does not



like other

latino families...


listening to the National now, is like listening to REM in the 80s, wishing that i could could wrap my arms around the stereo for hours...


killing time in Japanese offices, missing my vinyl record collection, it takes a forced perspective to look at life through these lens..

i capture kind moments as much as i can with these eyes sunken as a raccoon, prowling around online when i should be making worksheets.

could it be that i miss people. not places? their personalities? their faces? those who are not strangers but with whom i can break bread and not be rebuked..

often times its the elusive memories that get clouded over.

the weight of someone in bed next to you, the feeling of euphoria that comes over you while singing earnestly, the smell of peach blossoms, the sensation of floating on water, the comfort of talking to someone in the dark even though you can`t see their face...


i can`t see that far, and i can`t feel that near only when cold water splashed on my face can i wake up from such volatile daydreams....
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